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It’s as Simple as That.

Browse. Select. Order. It’s as Simple as That.

Feast your eyes on our tantilising selection of premium meats and pick whatever tickles your fancy. When you’ve made your choice, we’ll get stuck in on the farm so you can get stuck into your meal.

The Wakaepa Farm Story

From Our Farm to Your Door

Let’s face it, with the number of unknowns about where our food comes from these days — we want assurance that what we’re consuming is of the highest quality, ethically sourced and sustainably produced. Nestled in the foothills of Central Canterbury, Wakaepa is founded upon those very values. The variety of meat we farm here is a testament to the land it comes from, a natural environment sheltered from hills and bushland. Once our animals are ready, they’re put on a truck from the farm, straight to Ashburton Meat Processers, and then delivered to Blair and the team at Darfield Village Meats before being sent straight to your door.
 From paddock to plate, it’s a process that’s almost entirely controlled by us. Except for the eating part — you can do the honours.

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You're Not the Only One

“Some of the best selections of meat we’ve ever had. Aside from the taste, we love knowing it’s come right from New Zealand’s backyard.”

— Customer

There are plenty of places to get good meat, but the lack of local produce in Central Canterbury is what puts Wakaepa Farm in a prime position to cater for our community.

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